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As I was looking at creative people's blogs the other day I happened to come
across a fun one that showed how to make your own cake
http://armellejewelry.blogspot.coml) I thought it looked so easy so I tried it
and here it is!! This is the easiest project I have ever done! It took about 1
minute. All you do is go and find a clear glass plate or really any kind of plate
you want and a dessert cup or vase that kind of goes with the plate. I found
mine at the thrift store for a total of 2 bucks! I then went to Home Depot and
found CLEAR caulking (in the paint section). All you do is squeeze some caulk
onto the bottom of the dessert cup and adhere that to the underside of the
plate (wipe any excess caulk off with a damp paper towel) and let it sit for about
24 hours.

By the way, this would make a beautiful handcrafted wedding gift!!
Here is the cake plate
upside down drying after
adding the caulk.
Finished cake plate
with beautiful juicy
Your new cake
plate makes simple
cupcakes look
fabulous and
Make your Own Chalkboards
Turn pink thrift store chairs
into black beauties!
I bought this at a thrift
store for around
$40.00 and it was ugly!
The mirror is standing
up at the back of the
garage. (it is that grey
oval thing behind the
bike) I decided to paint
it white add crystal
knobs and also add
some feet. (See below)
It really turned out so
cute for my daughter. I
just used some sand
paper to rough up the
finish on the piece of
furniture so the paint
would adhere better.
Painted a couple of
coats of white satin
finish paint. Added the
knobs and screwed in
the feet to the bottom
of the piece to add
some height to it.
This is her room
now but of course  
she wants to
change it up and do
bright colors!
I wonder what this
would look like if I
painted it lime
green or orange or
something funky
like that? Actually I
think she wants
something "mod"
looking now. ahhh
Teenage girls....... :)
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