We used white paper lanterns (left
over from my daughters wedding)
that we purchased from
www.asianlanterns.com and
sprayed one of them red.
We hung them using hooks from
www.3mcompany.com that you can
find in most home improvement
stores. Red fabric tablecloths were  
bought from Garden Ridge and the
black paper plates were from
www.hobbylobby.com  The Gold
water goblets were from
www.sears.com and the large Asian
fan hanging on the wall was from a
local Chinese market.
All these items were very
inexpensive but made a big
If you want it all done for you here is
the place to go
www.socialcouture.com they have
everything you need to get your party
started! You won't have to spend
hours and hours finding all the
goodies you need to create a great
Asian theme!

Simple is the key for this dinner party!

Have dinner on the patio tonight underneath the
Think sparkle, glow, and texture
The secret ingredients are:  Fresh flowers, 4
votive candles in clear glass holders, White
cloth napkins, brown textured placemats and
some simple white dishes that will make the food
you serve really pop off the plate and take
center stage!

We used recipes from Ina Gartens cookbook
Barefoot in Paris Bobby Flay's Boy Gets Grill
and the food was amazing. Try Ina Garten's
recipe for
Creme Brulee it is to die for!!
The Lavender, Lilac, & Lime tabletop is all about sleek white
dishware, beautiful flowers, and – of course – shades of
lavender, lilac, and lime!  The overall feel should be refreshing &

Start with white table linens and add a green fabric or "gift wrap"
runner. For the place settings, keep things simple - white
dishware, green accent plates, and simple wine & water glasses,
set atop lavender cocktail napkins. Set a single stem of lavender
or lilac flower in the center of each setting, and attach
placecards to each stem with ribbon.

To keep things affordable, and/or if you have a lot of guests,
you can substitute the ceramic dishware for sturdy paperware in
rich purple, white and lime green.
The Centerpiece

You'll need 2 contemporary white vases and a sleek white
pitcher & gravy boat for your centerpiece design. Fill the vases
with lavender, lilac, and green willow or moss balls, and add
purple tea or votive candles along the length of the runner.

Personalize the table with a framed photo of bride-to-be or mom
& kids – and embellish on of the vase with her first initial using
die-cut letters such as the lime green Chip Chatter Gellies  
pictured here.
We found these beautiful floral dishes and flatware on
Amazon Plus Katie Browns' Outdoor Entertaining cook
book! Check them out!
Inspiring us

Robyn Serage-
"Makes something
out of nothing!"

Heather Bailey-
"Fabric Designer"