Here are some painting projects that we hope will inspire you try
some in your own home! Please email us with your ideas and
projects so we can highlight you on our website.
Here is the before photo of the
kitchen all dark and dreary. Oak
cabinets and cupboards with some
doors and kitchen island painted
Decided to paint the kitchen island first to
see if I would really like it. I LOVED IT!!
What a difference so far!!
Decided to keep all the cupboard doors black....
but rough up the edges a little to make them look
worn...and paint the background and trim of the
cupboards white.
OH yeah!!! This is what I am talking about!!
Crisp clean airy with a cottage look!
Isn't it amazing what a little bit of
elbow grease and some paint can
do to update a kitchen!
Inspiring us

Robyn Serage-
"Makes something
out of nothing!"

Heather Bailey-
"Fabric Designer"