Roman Shade Project
Ta da!! They turned out really cute,
it brings so much color to the room!
By using what she already had and
being creative she made
something old look new again!
Without spending a dime!!
Celebrating Everyday Life!
Make your own Roman
What do you do with large pieces of
fabric or duvets you do not want
anymore?  In the past I have taken
them to the local thrift shop but now
I decided to be a little thrifty and
take one that came from and cut it up
to make roman shades!
They are so cute and easy!  If you
want the pattern just send us an
After seeing this idea on the shabby chic website....
I decided to make one for myself.
Here's what I did:

1.  I made a pattern out of a paper bag by laying it on the chair and cutting it
to match the shape of the seat and adding enough for seams.  I made  two
small darts on the front..right above the legs to add a tailored look and make
it more fitted. I cut out the shape from white canvas fabric.

2. I measured the outside of the chair seat... all around including the back.
and doubled it to make the ruffle full. (I made the back piece separate from
the front/side piece to allow room for legs of chair)  

3. Sew the ruffle pieces onto your seat piece. Hem the ruffle.

4. Make 4 ties long enough and wide enough to attach to the chair cover
around the legs and to help keep the cover in place. I think the finished size
of the ties were 1 1/2 inches wide by how ever long you want. Leave space
for sewing up the seam. You don't want them too skinny or they will look funny.
Found this cute chair
cover idea on
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