Robyn Serage is a long time good friend of the
Style Sisters and a total DO IT YOURSELFER! Not
only that, but she is also an accomplished artist,
mother of seven children, gardener, seamstress,
has written and illustrated a children's book (to be
published) and recently made her acting debut in
her local community theatre!! Robyn does it
all and
really inspires us here
at The Style Sisters all the time!!
Here is just a small sampling of
some of her beautiful portrait
work. Robyn did these using
pastels. If you are interested in
having her create a keepsake
portrait of someone special in
your her at for pricing.
Check out Robyn's "handyman" skills!!
This armoire was once a dresser and
Robyn basically reconstructed it! She
built new shelves, added trim pieces to
the top and bottom, added a fold out
door at the bottom, added ball feet,  and
voilà!! A new computer armoire!
The dresser
in process
of being
Robyn found an old two
poster headboard at a thrift
shop that was basically
unusable but she noticed that
it had all these rounded
pieces on it and she decided
that she could cut them all
down and use them for ball
feet for many projects for
pennies! How's that for
ingenuity? You can see the
feet at the bottom of the
armoire peeking out
Here is the inside of the armoire
with all the shelves in it.
Is she amazing or what!

There's more to come so check
back often!
Inspiring us

Robyn Serage-
"Makes something
out of nothing!"

Heather Bailey-
"Fabric Designer"