Went to our local thrift store and
stumbled across these pink beauties
with nice lines and cane backs. $4.00
each!! I said, "I'll take them!". At that
moment only four were out on the floor.
I came back with my van and lo and
behold two more with arms!! I took
those too!! What a score!!
I brought them all home and my hubby
was not too thrilled...but I told him to
just hang on and "wait till you see what
I am going to do to them" I then
proceeded to sand the pink paint a bit,
spray painted them black, sanded all
the edges to look worn, waxed them
down with car wax and sprayed them
with a protective finish!
So far so good!!
Next - I went to JoAnn Fabrics and
bought some really great fabric with
lots of color in the print (so stains
would not show) came home and
ripped the old fabric off the seats. Got  
out my handy staple gun and in
minutes  recovered the seats! "WOW"
the hubs said, "they turned out great"
OH yeah!! I finished all the chairs in
two days. On the arm chairs I decided
to use a complimentary fabric for fun!!
Inspiring us

Robyn Serage-
"Makes something
out of nothing!"

Heather Bailey-
"Fabric Designer"